Write the Untold Stories

I love hearing the stories of other writers as they try to make sense out of their lives through writing. “Untold” stories keep coming up in my workshops.

hat stories have you never told your family? What are the unanswered questions about other folks in your family that you wished you’d asked? Did you grow up thinking one thing and then later learned that it didn’t happen that way at all? How do you find answers to these questions? These tips may help:

1. Ask others who were there at the time how they remember what happened

2. Check newspapers printed in that year for context or clues into motives

3. Remember events that were shocking several years ago may today be commonplace

4. Look for letters, journals, or diaries that may offer clues into a person’s nature or their actions

5. If no definitive answers are found—wrap your story around the unanswered and why that question is important to you.


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